Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

A special dish, eaten in your family on a special day

In my essay, I want to talk about a special dish that is eaten in my family on a special day.

It seems to me that almost every family has some special dish that they identify with something festive and pleasant. My family also has this dish.

Let's start with the fact that this is our national dish - beshbarmak. Beshbarmak is traditionally made from lamb. It consists of boiled dough, blanched onions and cooked meat. The dough is thinly rolled, slightly dried and cooked in broth from under the meat. Onions are also blanched in a small amount of broth, separately. This dish is mainly prepared on holidays, but also sometimes just for a change. It is loved by adults and children.

In fact, it's insanely delicious. For many, this is the taste of childhood.

On the other hand, for someone it may seem a specific taste of meat or the dish may be too greasy. But this is only if they try it for the first time. Those who once tried beshbarmak will never forget this taste.

Traditions, special dishes, national clothes remind us of our roots. That is why it is important not to forget to introduce this to your children and pass this knowledge on to them.

I think that special dishes should be in every family. It is important. This brings together, sometimes gives reasons for meetings, given how difficult it can be to get together with your family in such a frenzied pace of life.

In fact, I think that the tradition of cooking something special for your family will continue for many years to come. After all, everyone likes to eat.

In conclusion, I want to say that I am very happy that my family knows what family values are, that they instilled this in me, and that in the future I will be able to pass this knowledge on to future generations.