Автор Анна Евкова
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An unforgettable trip to Sochi

Today I will talk about a trip to the wonderful southern city of Russia - Sochi.

For the first time in this city I visited at the age of three with my mother and my grandmother, but then I remembered little except the bright sun and the cheerful, warm sea. And then almost every year we went there with my family.

I like to take the train, approaching Sochi, and look at the radiant sea that goes into the distance.

Sochi is a tourist town, which is why there is so much entertainment.

Knowing that the 2014 Olympics were held in Sochi, I dreamed of visiting the Olympic Park! I saw singing fountains, huge Olympic rings, flags of different countries, visited the Olympic Museum, where there are life-size olympic symbols

Since I am fond of the rally, I, of course, wanted to visit the Formula One track built in Sochi. This race track is one of the best in the world, and it hosts international racing

One of the days we spent in Sochi Park, where I first took a roller coaster ride. It was a little scary, but then I felt proud because I was able to overcome my fear.

But the most unforgettable experience left in my memory "Skypark" which is on the way to the Red glade at an altitude of three hundred and thirty meters above sea level. This is the first in Russia park of extreme attractions from the inventor of jumps on elastic gum - bungee. His name is A.J. Hackett. There my mother and I walked on the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is 439 meters long and 207 meters high. It is located in a gorge above the Mzymta River. It was really scary, because the fences of the bridge are transparent, but we have a magnificent view of the Caucasus Mountains, which is simply impossible to describe in words.

The real test for me was the Megatroll attraction. It is a cane stretched over the gorge at an altitude of one hundred and eighty-nine meters, and on insurance you fly down, accelerating faster and faster. It is impossible to imagine and describe, you can only try. It's a complete feeling that you're flying like a bird.

My mother and I discovered rafting. This is the name of rafting on a turbulent mountain river on inflatable vessels - rafts. They fit from four to six people. We rafted with the group, and led the alloy experienced instructor. We got a lot of impressions and from the noise of waves bubbling overboard, and from beautiful rocky shores, and from the cold splashes rolling us from head to toe.

It would be wrong to write about Sochi not to mention the Black Sea, from which I did not want to leave, even if I froze. That was great!

I told only about the summer vacation in Sochi. To tell about the rest in winter, about skiing and winter rides, you need to write another essay. I guess I'll do it next time.

Having finished the essay, I can say with confidence that Sochi is a place where you want to return again and again.