Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

How to become a better Manager

First you need to understand what the word Manager means. Manager head, Manager — chief, engaged in the management of processes and personnel in a certain area of the enterprise, organization: can be its owner, but often an employee.

Regardless of the direction of activity, the list of professional duties includes the following items:

• launch, maintenance and control of the organization in order to maintain its smooth and efficient functioning;

• definition of strategic goals and development of plans for the implementation of tasks;

• assessment of risk levels of the concluded agreements, compliance with their points;

• analysis of the company's activities in the field of personnel, personnel performance evaluation, preparation of motivation and incentive plans;

• support of fruitful communication with business partners;

• market analysis to identify demand for specialized goods or services;

• involvement of external experts to solve the tasks set by the top management.

The Manager's profession involves working in different areas, regardless of whether he manages a small Department or a huge enterprise. The main goal of this specialist is to increase the profit of a particular organization or reduce its costs.

Now let's look at how to become the best Manager in the sales profile. A good sales Manager can get not only solid money, but also pleasure from his work. After all, when it brings results, it gives satisfaction to the employee.

1. It is necessary to study the product well, it will show that we are professionals. Knowledge of the product is a must for a sales Manager who wants to achieve impressive success. Anyone who knows the entire catalog or list of services, always aware of what should be offered to the client, is not distracted from the sales process in consultation with product managers and is respected and trusted by customers, thanks to its high competence.

2. Know the strengths and weaknesses of the company you work for. Naturally, when talking with a potential client, you should only talk about the advantages of cooperation with your company. However, knowledge of the minuses will give you the opportunity to prepare a response to the buyer's objection in advance and dispel his doubts.

3. Learn the technology of sales. Learn how to build a conversation with the client, what are the stages of the sales process. It is important not only to learn, but also to practice all the skills. The more you work, adhering to an effective scheme of communication with the client, the faster the desired behavior strategy will become a habit. Believe me, you can successfully sell almost on the machine. The main thing is to practice a lot.

4. Constantly learn sales, gain experience from colleagues. Self-confident sellers who believe that their personal charm will do everything for them are wrong. In a non-standard situation, you will be able to remember how other employees of your sales Department act, and with honor to get out of a difficult situation.

5. Be always neatly and cleanly dressed and combed. It should be nice to communicate with the sales Manager. Polished shoes, classic style clothes, unobtrusive perfume, open smile will help you win the favor of customers.

6. Collect information about competitors of the company you represent. Knowing what exactly, on what terms, in what terms and at what price other firms offer, will help you to focus on the advantages of your company, in time to provide a discount or tactfully mention a particular disadvantage in the work of other firms. Remember, that openly scold and to criticize competitors cannot be. This can cause negative feelings on the part of the client.

7. Increase the level of your skills. Attend sales trainings, read specialized literature, learn new sales techniques.

8. It is also important to note that there should be a mandatory zeal and love for their work. Without love and hard work the result is not achieved. You need to Wake up with the idea of achieving success and fall asleep with it.

If you follow these 8 recommendations and you can achieve great success!