Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

How to become a good manager?

"Manager" is a manager who organizes work in a company or in enterprises. He coordinates the activities of employees, manages the production and circulation of goods. In today's world, there are many opinions about this profession, both positive and negative.

First of all, the manager of the 21st century is a modern, competent, educated person with a high level of intelligence, erudite, sociable and active, ready for change and self-improvement. And also, for each manager his image is important. Favorable appearance and taste in clothes are an important prerequisite for successful activity. Everything is important for the image of the manager: manners, and culture of speech, clothes, and interior of the office. Therefore, the modern manager should be well versed in the intricacies of etiquette. The conversation should be polite and restrained, to be kept from emotional exclamations and sharp gesticulation. A good manager should speak confidently, but keep from moral teachings and authoritarian tone. Sometimes he can make a joke to make things work out. If we talk about the moral qualities of the manager in more detail, we can distinguish a number of necessary qualities: organizational qualities, intellectual and communication. Undoubtedly, the formation of the image of the ideal modern manager took place in the course of centuries.

In today's world, the profession of manager is promising and highly paid, and everyone strives to earn high earnings. Today, a modern manager is a leader, leader, diplomat, innovator, strategist and professional in his industry. And at the same time, he is a psychologist and a teacher.

It seems to me that the goal of the modern manager's work is to ensure the stable competitiveness of the company. In different spheres of activity, in companies, different organizations should be a person who solves organizational issues, manages the organization and more. Another thing that I think is not unimportant is that in the way of life the manager should be active, caring about his health, the absence of bad habits, optimism and not indifference.

The manager can be anyone who quickly wants to move forward on his career ladder. The main thing is that the goal was set, and there was a desire. I believe that in the marketing activities of team management it is necessary to tune in to win. I've been doing my best job as a manager for a few years. But striving for his intended goal of "becoming a manager" over time, he gained confidence and became open and bold.