Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

I want to talk about my two favorite hotels in Turkey and give them a comparative description of the work of these hotels

I want to talk about my two favorite hotels in Turkey and give them a comparative description of the work of these hotels. I took hotels in Turkey, since I visited 20 hotels, but I can only select a couple and compare them. Two hotels of the same level. The first hotel is the Kaya Palazo Golf Resort. The hotel is 5 stars and works on an all-inclusive system. This hotel belongs to a hotel for families with children. The concept of this hotel is that the entire interior is made simple, but interesting. The rooms have everything that can come in handy, as the hotel has previously individually prepared for the arrival of each guest. For example, if you are coming with children, then you will definitely have a bed for him and the room will be in a nearby place from the elevator, if necessary. There are no objects that will throw themselves in the eye or interfere with rest. It features a private beach with free parasols and sun loungers, a large garden, a children's pool and outdoor pools with several water slides. Guests can play tennis, golf, darts and diving. The all-inclusive service includes daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. The 5 а la carte restaurants serve a variety of fine dishes of traditional Turkish and international cuisine. The hotel’s bars offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and there is free private parking on site. The concept of this hotel has the essence so that everyone feels at home and can find something to their liking. As a comparison, I want to tell you about another hotel, which is very popular now. The Land Of Legends Kingdom Hotel is a 5 star hotel, which is located near the hotel, as I said above. This hotel also belongs to the hotel for families with children, but it is very different from other hotels. The hotel is located in the Land of Legends theme park. The concept of the hotel is that you get into the life of cartoons. A large castle, knights are standing at the entrance, there is a huge fountain, many different statues that cannot be overlooked. The hotel rooms are bright, with cartoon paintings on the walls. The hotel is not an all-inclusive service. The beach is 2 km away. You can choose a room, but for an additional fee, buy breakfast or dinner in a restaurant. But if you live in this hotel, then all the rides are free. The concept of the hotel is that you can live like a princess or like any cartoon character. The hotel focuses more on bright colors, activity. The hotel always hosts various show programs. You invent your own leisure for yourself, as the hotel has a very small team for active games and usually it is board games, a trip to an amusement park. Thus, I want to conclude that hotels are of the same level, but are designed for different preferences and have different concepts. Two hotels of the same level, I have five stars. The first hotel is suitable for a relaxing holiday and resembles a house. And the second hotel is already for outdoor activities and resembles a large palace.