Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

Social networks: advantages and disadvantages

If a few years ago someone would ask: what are social networks or the Internet? Anyone would have difficulty answering this question. Now, what is the Internet known to everyone. And I think nowadays anyone can answer this question.

This is a good way to chat online, at any distance, even if you are thousands of kilometers apart. You can chat via skype with your friends or close relatives. Thanks to social networks, you can find a new, interesting acquaintance. And after meeting live, this is a huge plus in our time. Here you can find a lot of interesting and informative information, the answer to absolutely any question that interests you. You can watch interesting films of any genre, funny series, with all the amenities, without even leaving your home.

You can study various foreign languages, there are various recommendations for this, social networks will also be useful for this. You can learn something new, do something with your own hands, here you can find various online lessons that will help in this.

But social networks have their drawbacks. For example, due to a long time near the computer or on the phone, vision may be damaged. Therefore, you need to relax, do exercises for the eyes. A person begins to avoid and fear communication in reality, with real people. Sometimes the Internet teaches not very good things or can affect the human psyche.

All human emotions on social networks are replaced by emoticons. There is a certain dependence on social networks, which is very strongly reflected on a person, on his communication, behavior. Due to Internet addiction, various complexes may appear. Social networks bring a lot of benefits, but remember that you should not abuse them. They have their pros and cons, and you should not forget about it.