Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

The Changing of my neighborhood

My neighborhood is changing a lot now. Once it was an ordinary city where few people lived, but now this city is becoming the center. Here began to build good tall houses, began to ennoble the territory, plant different flowers, bushes, trees and a lawn. Also builds shopping centers, children and adults hospitals, gyms, clubs and entertainment places. This is very good for our neighborhood and as now the infrastructure is very developed here, therefore significant changes have taken place in our city.

But these changes have drawbacks, for example, the fact that medicine in the city has deteriorated, the mayor launders money and some people even complain that a giant shopping center was built right in front of their house. Also, many chain stores captured the city, every 15 meters there is a «Pyaterochka» store and I think its awful it would be better to plant trees in this place. Due to the overpopulation of the city, there is such a problem as a lack of jobs. Without a job, people have to live on tiny government benefits for the unemployed. It is a pity that such problem exist not only our city but throughout country.

As for cultural institutions, we also have them in city, there are a lot of museums, for example, the Lenin museum, there also two concert halls and one theater. Different and interest events very often takes place here.

In conclusion I want to say that change isn’t always good. For the changes to be for the better, it is necessary for the people to decide for themselves what needs to be changed in the city, because very often the authorities don’t see and don’t hear the demands of the people.