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The history of hospitality

The history of hospitality is a science that studies various types of cultures in order to identify their typical patterns of “traveling man”, as well as to study the influence of material and everyday culture on the development of hospitality traditions and the disclosure of the main stages, trends and cultural and national features of tourism development.

Sometimes hotels look so fresh and modern that we don’t even think about the rich history that lies behind their magnificent facades, luxurious lobby and comfortable rooms. I would like to talk about the world famous Radisson Hotel and its history of development.

Radisson Hotels & Resorts is one of the world's most recognizable and prestigious hotel chains. This network covers 73 countries and has over 450 hotels in management and ownership. The first hotel, which became the founder of the whole Radisson chain, was opened in 1909 in Minneapolis (USA). It is named after the French explorer Pierre-Esprey Radisson. Photos of the new hotel were published in newspapers and magazines, which caused a stir. The hotel began to book rooms of important persons, world-famous artists. The authority and rating of the institution instantly rose.

In 1962 the hotel was acquired by the Carlson family, included in the list of powerful clans of America. Hotels now have a rating of 4-5 stars and offer a luxury service. Most of the complexes are resort-type hotels. To date, more than 450 hotels have been built in 72 countries. In the United States, the hotel company is known under the trademark Radisson. Outside the country, the word SAS is added to the brand name, in honor of the eponymous airline successfully cooperating with the Carlson family. The SAS hotel complex is managed by the Rezidor Hotel Group corporation. In many countries, the Radisson Hotel is abbreviated as Bly. The main complexes are called Radisson Hotels & Resorts.

The main hotel complexes are called Radisson Hotels & Resorts. The main competitors of the company are Marriott, Sheraton and Hilton.

The company successfully applies modern technologies and professional mechanisms to retain and attract guests. The most important and effective tool is a loyalty program. A special system of bonuses, promotions and discounts has been developed. Such a program is called goldpoints plus. The entire chain of Radisson hotels provides for the accumulation of holiday points. when using hotel services. They are used as bonus bonuses when renting hotel rooms. Bonuses can be spent on other networks that are managed by the Carlson family - Carlson Companies. These include Regent, Country Inns, Park Inn, Park Plaza. Among other things, Radisson Corporation is considered the only hotel chain that offers its customers an individual Look To Book loyalty program for tour operators.

On January 28, 2019, Forbes magazine presented the rating “Largest Hotel Networks in Russia”. The Radisson Hotel Group hotel chain, which owns 36 properties in 17 regions of Russia, took second place in this rating.

Mostly hotel complexes are located in the city center or in its historical part. The architecture of the buildings is made in a modern style. It includes mirrored windows, amazing stucco molding, columns, rounded doors, a classic facade. Inside the complex are gilt handles, antique pieces of furniture, crystal chandeliers, velvet curtains. The rooms are individually air-conditioned. The rooms have Wi-Fi, TV, radio, refrigerator, minibar, safe. The service territory includes a spa, a health center, a swimming pool, a gym, a spacious hall, concert venues, a restaurant, a bar, and dry cleaning. Each Radisson hotel has over a hundred staff. Here you can use the services of a concierge, cook, waiter, governess, and domestic staff. Breakfast guests are ordered to the room. From all the variety you can choose international, Indian, Chinese, Russian cuisine. It serves the best sparkling wines from oak barrels. All fruits are brought from sunny tropical countries. Especially for businessmen, Radisson Corporation offers rooms for banquets, press conferences, business negotiations, webinars. The hotel site is always decorated with garden sculptures and flower panoramas.

The Radisson hotel chain is actively expanding, constantly implementing new hotel projects and providing hotel guests with the most modern demanded services. One of the first in the world, the network began to offer guests the service of high-speed wireless Internet. Only today, 51 projects around the world are under construction.

Over the next five years, the hotel intends to invest heavily in platforms and technologies, building up a comprehensive IT infrastructure. The company also plans to rebrand or reposition more than 500 hotels around the world.