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What can you say about Hamlet, the main character of “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark”?

This essay deals with the main character of “Hamlet” Prince of Denmark Hamlet. Firstly I would say that Hamlet is young, brave and smart young man. He obsessed with revenge for the death of his father. After this tragic event Hamlet loses his faith in humans and doesn’t believe in good. He has to play like insane person to figure out who is a friend of him and who is a foe.

I would say that Hamlet is a controversial figure. At first, he wants revenge, but then he delays this for an indefinite period. The reason of such behavior is a fact that blood feud goes against his worldview and Hamlet is not a cruel person of course. Despite this, his fury and impulsivity has led to numerous deaths throughout the play.

Hamlet reflects about lifetime a lot and his philosophical thoughts are the main idea of this literary work. He is a deep thinker, focusing on impossible to answer questions about religion, death, truth, reality, and the motivations of others. Hamlet contemplates his existence all the time. His famous monologue “To be or not to be” speaks about his internal contradictions. Like so many of us, Hamlet experiences a range of emotions in his struggle to discover what life is really about.

As I have said earlier, Hamlet is smart, but not self-confident person. He is not arrogant and speaks to everyone as equals. It’s a character trait I like about him.

Prince can’t stand the lie. He can’t forgive deception of his loved ones. And this points to his integrity and strong character. When he realized how much evil and deception brings this world, he stopped trust to anybody. It hurts him from the inside. Hamlet can’t live in such contradictory world. He feels lonely for this, because he doesn’t behave like people around him.

Many literary critics call Hamlet an enigma. There is a long-standing debate about his motives. He is so complex person that even doesn't completely know himself well. And that makes him closer to real people. In other words, he seems like a real person—which has made Hamlet the most well-known character in English literature.