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There is no doubt that people need heroes

There is no doubt that people need heroes. However, sometimes people don't even understand what hero means, who is a hero or what do they need them for.

As for me, I don't have a hero, I simply don't need a hero, but yet I respect them. First of all, sometimes heroes are just a simple person, who decided to do something they believe is right, so they are just an example how you should act in different situations. There can be different kinds of heroes, sometimes people can't even understand if it is a hero or not. Besides, sometimes heroes don't even have a choice, they have to act like that, like during World War II, soldiers had an order and they had to follow it or like firefighters it is a part of their daily routine.

However, sometimes hero is a fictional character of folklore or different kind of tales. Such kind of heroes is just an ideal for people to believe in.

In fact, some heroes are unknown or even forgotten. Besides, sometimes heroes are just walking by people, who decided to interrupt in something or to save someone in need. I am sure that people do need heroes, but sometimes they overestimate them, or don't even know them, for example most of us know about Robin Hood, but some of us don't even know even a single one name of a soldier who died for his or her country during World War II. In my opinion, people have to respect heroes, but they don't have to make them an ideal, they must know that they are just like everyone after all, they just decided to act this way.

To sum up, I strongly believe that people need heroes just to remind themselves that they can become a hero and that it just depends on situation and their actions. Personally, I don't have a hero, I simply don't need an ideal to follow, but I respect them.