Автор Анна Евкова
Преподаватель который помогает студентам и школьникам в учёбе.

Who is my Hero

Each person, in my opinion, should have a favorite hero for himself. It can be a character in a literary work, perhaps a writer, poet, actor, or any outstanding person. You look up to him, you imitate him in every possible way, you memorize phrases once said by them, etc. That is, this is the one who at one time made an unforgettable and very deep and strong impression on you, which left a mark on your memory. A favorite hero for me undoubtedly should be kind, understanding other people, acting correctly and decently not only in relation to himself, but also to those around him. For him, honor is above all. This ideal of an honest person exists not only for me. Without the qualities described above, there would be no love, no friendship, no mutual understanding between people. And I am also impressed by such a quality in a person as his adherence to principles, honesty, openness and kindness.

One of my favorite literary heroes is not a strong man with huge muscles, but just a little boy, very lonely and therefore so touching. You probably guessed that this is the main character of the Little Prince fairy tale, which was written by the French writer and pilot Antoine de Saint Exupery. Its hero, this unprotected child, lived alone on a small, tiny planet, the size of which was equal to a simple house. Every morning he was busy cleaning this very planet, weeding out the seeds of baobab plants. He very diligently looked after the beautiful rose, which grew like a miracle from a seed. But the flower constantly offends the little prince with its barbs, he is capricious all the time. And one fine day the boy decides to leave the rose and go on a trip to other planets. Wherever he had not visited, but everywhere he felt lonely, he was a stranger to everyone. During his travels, he met many: both the king, boasting of his superiority and beauty, and the drunkard, constantly drinking with only one purpose, to forget about how ashamed he is to do it. On his way, the kid met a business man, he did not have enough time to live, as he was constantly counting some unnecessary numbers. Then he made an acquaintance with a scientist who had not seen anything because of the books he had read.

The boy was greatly surprised by everything he saw, especially the lonely and unhappy people and their useless pursuits. He wanted and really dreamed of finding friends for himself, but in toga it turned out that he became completely alone. He returned back to his home planet, where he began to water and protect his rose from the wind and realized that there was no better place than this. Here he could help and share a piece of his small, but very gentle and kind heart. He fell in love with this thorny flower because he felt responsible for it. What attracts me very much to this hero? He became responsible for the one he tamed.