Автор Анна Евкова
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Do you agree with the statement: Fear can prevent people from pursuing their dreams

I agree with the statement that fear can prevent people from pursuing their dreams.

Fears very often make us forget about their desires. First and foremost is, of course, fear of failure.

But no less antimotility has and the fear that will succeed. People are afraid that their dream will come true and what will follow.

Mentally, they associate a fulfillment of his wishes with a bunch of new problems: "I will be jealous of. I have to learn. I'll have to think about how to manage all those assets that will have me. I have to pay for the service," and so on.

Fear of failure can paralyze anyone. Especially when it interferes with the big bets: the mortgaged property, a large audience, the duration of the process, loss.

If the goal is really important to you, then fear will recede, or rather, you force yourself to close your eyes all the fears and just do what you want. Otherwise, you can continue to be scarred for life and remain unfulfilled.

The fear of success

The reverse side of the coin is fear of success. We may succeed, we may move rapidly to their goal, but on the way to it we feel that there will be not only the laurels of success, but also envy, a big responsibility, another life. It's scary not worse failures. So, to success also need to prepare.

In achieving the objectives of the present and fear of the unknown, fear of what will need to work hard to achieve the goal.

In any case, you need to methodically work through their fears, identify them and eliminate. Every day to do what you are afraid of!

Not to fight, not overcome, namely work! This is very important – the right attitude.